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Most people don’t understand the importance of Security and Backups of website until thier website gets attacked by viruses or hackers.

WordPress CMS is popular and its customization code is publicly available for everyone so it’s easy for hackers, attackers to analyse code and crack into it.
There might be chances of your site may be hacked or attacked by viruses.

Don’t worry I am posting here some very useful tips which will help you to keep your site safe

Keep Clean Environment

Yes you heard right, I am talking about the environment in which your website exists most of the time. Which is firstly start from your Computer OS, Browser and Hosting Provider.
When we make changes in site, upload something from local computer, if computer has virus affected files, such files goes with wordpress files and they start multiplying in servers and results into site loading speed increase.

Some third party extensions in your browser are not safe. Such extensions forcefully opens multiple tabs and downloads malicious content. Which affects your WordPress CMS.

To avoid above issues Use Updated Version Browser, Keep Antivirus in PC, Choose Trusted Hosting Provider.

Keep Updated WordPress
Always Keep Updated Version of WordPress. Updating wordpress is very simple and easy in built feature. WordPress automatically installs minor updates. For major releases, you need to manually initiate the update.

Keep Backups For Safety
I would suggest you to keep monthly backup if your website is continuously new content.
It will be safer side to restore your hard work if unfortunately something happened to your website. You can take backup from hosting provider backup tool.
Keep Strong Passwords
Generally we put easy to remembers passowrds, but most attacked sites are due to only stolen passwords. So keep strong passwords. Not only to admin panel, use it for all hosting, email id with which domain purchased, database.

SSL(Security Socket Layers) encrypts data between server and browsers and helps in securing website.

Add Two Factor Authentication
Change Database Prefix whiles installing wordpress