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Become popular on Google and Google Map.


Why you should register your business on google?

This Article is going to tell you…

What is Google My Business?

How to Register on Google My Business?

This article is for those businesses who are completely offline, they do not have anything on the internet.

What is Google My Business?

In simple language google my business is platform made by google for businesses to put their

business information on google for free of cost.

Let us take a real example.

Did you remember if you are going to one company office (KMC Tech) for any reason or you want to see exact address and any information about a KMC Tech company.

What we do?
We open internet type in google….

KMC Tech Pune.

Then you get results like this.

With the help of this result you see information about it, photos of it, some reviews,contact, address, products, services etc.

Have you thought before who all put this information?

What do you think?

Any guess….

Maybe you are thinking Google may have something algorithms to know all these,

NO, if you think like this, then you are wrong.

Google does not know anything about any business/company until and unless human’s submit information to Google.


You are reading this because you are business owner.

So we KMC Tech are here to sure you that after 14 days from today onwards your Business will be on Google.

Any kind of Business, 

May be it’s Coaching Center, Tiffin Service, Real Estate, Ad Agency, Graphics Desinger, Photography Studio, Coffee Shop, School, College whatever is your business. 

You will be live on google in next 14 days.

Only 1 Hour Work Needed from your side.

Type “Google My Business” in Google

Open your browser and and Type “Google My Business” and open its link.

Or we are giving link here to directly google my busiens

Click Here » to open Google My Business
In this field enter your company name.
Enter proper spelling of your company.
Enter first letter in capital and remaining small, so it will look good.
Enter your company office address,
Enter real address, Google sends one letter
to this address for verification proof.
In this section you have to choose business category,
There are all types of business category in this section.
This step is very much important, think as your customer point of view.
Google shows result to your clients by taking help of this option,
which is chosen by you.
So figure out which category your business fits, and then enter that name here, and select from available list.
Enter your phone number,
If you have website put that link or leave it blank, later also you can enter website link.
Click Next
Click Finish
Phone Verification
Enter Phone Number For OTP Verification
Click on Text, your will get otp on your number from google.
Enter that OTP in Screen.
Click Verify

Google my business back end dashboard


This section is given to you for posting different type of inormations. It is like facebook post. Regular posting increases ranking in google. 


This includes working days, working hours, services etc. Based on these working days and hours google automatically shows, 


This tab has results to your company searches means, how many people searched, how many visited, which keyword they entered etc.


This section has reviews given by your clients, visitor. This is very important to make trust to new customers. Get good reviews on google. 

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