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Happy Sunday…

How’s business going..?? Hope it’s good…

Today I am sharing you Two powerful tools…

Which will help your business to save time and lot of energy.

Before that I want to ask you two questions.

How do you accept payments from your customers/clients ?

Google Pay / Paytm / NEFT / Account Transfer.

Do you think it look professional?

Yes it is when you have just started business and small number of clients.

But when your business started growing and customer count is more.

In this case online payment gateway will help you a lot.

Do you know you don’t need website to create your online payment gateway?

Nobody technical person will reveal this secret to you because they want money for this setup of

payment gateway which is not any Rocket Science. Anybody little bit internet friendly person

can setup payment gateway. Because these payment gateway companies like Paytm, PayUmoney, Paypal, Instamojo had made easy to use setups.

They have 24*7 support team for Merchants (you) .

In this article I am not sharing complete step by step process about “How to setup Instamojo” because already there are thousands of tutorial on youtube.

Just go to youtube search “How to setup Instamojo”  watch till you understand, watch 2-3 different videos and start setting up your own Payment gateways system.


You can create one link with one tap and you can share it to customer’s mobile sms / email / whatsapp . He can use same link if your customers bill is in monthly or yearly cycle.

Your customer can pay using link. He will have multiple options to pay.

E.g He can pay from his Credit Card /  Debit Card all other Wallets.

You will have proper tracking of collected amount in particular time period.

Collected amount will be directly deposited in your bank account in 2 days.

This is enough about Instamojo.

Register yourself on instamojo today itself.

Don’t wait or don’t postpone this.

Take Action Today , Right Now.


Now here is second tool

Online Invoices

How do you send bill confirmation to your clients?

On call, sms , whatsapp….!!!   Right?

Did you ever imagined if you send proper Bill Invoice to you clients , you clients will feel more trust in your product or services. Because he has proof.

After receiving bill copy. He think that he is getting services from trusted business.

May be you tried before to how do I edit invoice, how can I send it to clients.

Here is the tool for you.

Easy, Online, you can create invoice anywhere using internet.

You will get login dashboard once you sign up to this system.

There many features in this tool check on their website