1) Changes in one page costs 250 Rs.
Which includes Text and Image data change. Note: Above Cost is for Existing Text and Image Content Changes. For Functionality and Structure Changes Charges will be depends on actual requirment.

2) Footer Content Changes 50 Rs
Footer Contents Include Sitemap Menu Names Website Owenr Names Contact Details Map or Address Details in Footer Social Icons Shown in Footer section

3) Banner Changes Free
Note: Banner will be changed for free with any of other paid change requirement. Banner Images willl be from your side in provided size.

4) Menu Names - Free
Menu names will be changed for free with one paid change requrement i.e. for changing menu name for free you must submit any of other paid change.

5) Contact Form / Enquiry Form Change 100 RS
Changes are allowed in Existing Number of Fields. Number of fileds will be same in this cost.

6) Social Icons Links Change is For Free
For this change you must purchase any one of other paid change

7) Payement Gateway Integration 1500
Any of popular third party payement gateway will be integrated on discussion.

8) Chat Support Integration 500
Third Party Chat Support Will be added e.g. Tawk, Facebook Page.

9) Logo Change For Free
Logo will be changed for free You should purchase any of other paid change to get this change.

Note: For any small change in any page you must purchase complete page change plan. Above plans are not applicable for E-Commerce projects.

Support will be provided by Email

Why you should maintain/update website very frequently?

1) Website with higher update frequency has higher possibility of ranking in Major Search Engines
(i.e.,,, because search engines prefer fresh and updated websites to index.
2) Updating the website every now & then attracts visitor to re-visit your website
3) It create a right up-to-date impression of your business & website
4) It also create a good influence of well organization
5) Updated website communicates with their audiences
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